Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Don't Panic

Time for a little poetry.

This just in from our in-house verisfier.

An uncouth academic called Barlow
Once taught lit in a college in Harlow.
He said: "Yes, you may rave
Saying Shakespeare's your fave,
But, quite frankly, I much prefer Marlowe."

It's my Death Star; I know how to man it.
If you have an objection, just can it.
For I'm setting the pace:
Tell me, where is your base?
Or this station will blow up your planet.

A musician who sang a cappella,
A most hapless but sensitive feller,
Driving home in a fog
Killed his landlady's dog,
And was quite at a loss how to tell 'er.

He suggests a new masthead for the blog when we make the transition:


Church, State and Gelato from the Capital of the World


Anonymous said...

Still no internet access on pc. Have to read you on impossibly complicated phone/pda/atomic screwdriver. Have become relatively proficient at thumb-typing but still hate it. (On related topic, also now hate Earthlink and the local phone company.) But have to chime in to wish you bon voyage, good luck, and all the very best in Italy.

Should you (or anyone else, for that matter) feel the need to contact me or The Inn, the only email address I can access at the moment is this one:



Anonymous said...

I love 'Mishap'. Can't tell you how apt it is!

All the best for the move. My parents will be in Rome soon for a holiday. I'm going to send them to the Fraternity's church there.