Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Election Fever

It is a sign that I have truly moved on from Canuckistan that I actually forgot until about three am (five minutes ago) that my former place of residence is having a general election today.

I remember the weird frenzy that came upon me the last time, but tonight, I finished early and spent the rest of the evening packing, watching SG1 reruns and trying to placate the cat with treats and petting (it's not working).

The books are all in boxes as well as my collection of the World's Most Beautiful Shoes (it's a chick thing). All the pictures are off the walls and wrapped in bubble wrap. The clothes are all sorted and all the Canuckistani Deep Winter gear is stuffed into trunks. There is a local charity scheduled to come and get the furniture that I'm not taking and I've made three trips over to the Fam to stash various bits up in the loft. I'm calling the movers tomorrow to give a volume estimate.

Winnie is alternately bouncing off the walls and attacking my ankles in protest of all the upheaval. She clearly does not approve of moving. I tried to tell her I was just "putting things away" but she wasn't buying it. We're off to the vet's tomorrow afternoon to get a nice new microchip and rabies shots. At least she won't have to worry about the language problem. I imagine that Italian mice beg for mercy in a universal language.

So, I hope you voted. And I hope it makes a difference. Though that last is sort of one of those "long shot" kinds of hope.

No news otherwise.

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