Thursday, October 09, 2008

I hope Rev. Mullen tells the Church of England where to go

and starts blogging again soon.

Wonderful to hear that the social services are rewarding junkies who provide them with a "clean" urine sample with the drug of their choice. Heroin addicts may be given methadone or antidepressants - or even diamorphine (prescription heroin)

I should like to see this arrangement extended. If I supply a sample of clean wee wee may I claim my free case of Chateau Margaux please?

And the scheme has even wider possibilities: why not reward successful slimmers with cheeseburgers and Black Forest gateau; smokers who've managed to quit with 200 packs of Capstan Full Strength; fill the swag sacks of unsuccessful burglars with pieces of household silver etc etc?

Isn't logic a scream?


Lucille said...

Some things are too silly to be believed. Got a link?

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

click on the link to Dr. Mullen's name in the last post.