Tuesday, October 28, 2008

EU Regulations

This in from Open Europe:

Rate of EU regulations skyrockets
A report from TaxPayers' Alliance has found that that there are currently 16,980 EU laws and regulations in force in the UK and they are increasing at a rate of 2,000 a year. The study also argues that the UK Government's tendency to 'goldplate' EU regulations lead to unnecessary high costs to British businesses. A leader in the Sun argues, "It's not just the astonishing 9,500 new laws imposed by Brussels over the last ten years. It's the gleeful fanaticism with which Whitehall's Euro-fundamentalists enforce every new edict, no matter how petty or patently potty. Not to mention the absurdly disproportionate penalties they dish out to transgressors."

No EU regulations in Italy.

Or...at least...there might be, but who can tell?

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