Friday, October 10, 2008

Pop Catholicism

Arturo is thinking again.

The man ought to stop that. It hurts. I know.
In conversation with others, I have found myself coining the term “pop Catholicism”. Well, I didn’t exactly coin the term, but I think it is a good working one. First of all, “pop Catholicism” invokes commercialist and individualist tendencies; the superficiality of a technicolor dream. It is consumerist, it wears its Catholicism on the sleeve as a “personal choice”. It also transcends the dichotomy of right and left; EWTN and America Magazine are both consumeristic from a social persective. “Pop Catholicism” is felt banners, Catholic rock music, apologetics CD’s and radio, along with other kitsch that is associated with modern culture. It is Catholicism for a non-Catholic, post-industrial, and postmodern society. It is the synthesis of many tendencies from formerly Catholic societies and their grafting onto a non-Catholic, inorganic context.

The only comment I have is that I keep getting invited by a facebook person to join a group he started and is very keen on, "John Paul II the Great is a saint. 1 Million person will say yes he is."



No thanks. I'm good.

And do I want to attend the "International Symposium On John Paull II" later this month in Rome? Oddly enough, even though I will be in Rome at the I don't.

I want points, in fact, I demand points, for not telling him what I think.

(No one ever counts the things I don't say.)

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Anonymous said...

LOL! I give you a million points!

"... if you only knew how many things I want to say and don't, you'd give me some credit for it."
~ Anne Shirley

That could be my motto, so I fully appreciate your effort. Well Done!