Sunday, October 05, 2008

I was going to write a post about Socialism, but realised half way through that I really didn't have anything clever or undying to say about it, so decided to ditch it.

Instead, today, I'm going to announce that I've surpassed 2000 posts.

A milestone, I suppose. This is the two-thousand and seventh. So, nyuh.

Buona Domenica.

(I'm calling removal and shipping companies tomorrow. I figure it's just easier to get someone else to do the entire thing and pay them money. That way it won't hardly feel like I'm moving. Just going on a little visit...with all my furniture. Winnie-the-Cat doesn't suspect a thing, but Mr. Bear has it all figured out. Twenty days left. Time to start making some serious lists of things to do.

A while ago, a friend in Rome said to me, "Hilary, you can't just move to another country every time you're bored." But I don't know why not. )

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Anonymous said...

But only a fraction of those posts are available on your website. The numbers on the left screen, under 'labels' don't add up to 2000.