Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Seriously, just for a moment,

LifeSite, the outfit that keeps me in tea and biscuits, and helps to keep Winnie from thinking of me as food,

has posted a note appealing for support from, well, supporters. Needed to Balance Mainstream Media Bias During Canadian Elections [and every other election]

With the election looming, wants to balance the bias of the mainstream media – but we need your support!

Living in this information age, the media is the primary influencer of culture - but there is a gross media bias against life and family.

The Canadian federal election is less than two weeks away and these media giants are purposefully refusing coverage of major newsworthy items related to life and family.

For instance, the largest poll on the Morgentaler Order of Canada showing 56% of Canadians opposed the decision received no mainstream coverage. The release of the names of over 100 MPs who objected to the award similarly received not a mention.

We know that two thirds of Canadians support at least some legal protection for unborn children, yet any survey of media bigwigs will show them to be radically anti-life.

Don’t Canadians deserve to have the issues important to them taken seriously by the media?

“We are sick and tired of our government turning a deaf ear to the silent screams of our nation’s unborn children – we need to turn to the alternative media to initiate change.”
- Jim Hughes, President of Campaign Life Coalition

This is why it is so imperative that strives to be the balancing force to the mainstream media.

So please partner with us so that we may uncompromisingly proclaim the truth in the vital weeks before October 14. We are completely reliant on your generosity to proclaim the news about the Culture of Life as it pertains to this election.

It's easy, just click here:

Many thanks and blessings for your generous support,

John-Henry Westen

P.S. Will you stand for life and family by contributing to, so we can balance the bias of the mainstream media during the weeks before the election?

We need your support - to contribute online or by mail or phone just click here:

I know, it's tacky to ask your readers and friends for money, but there is just no way around it. LifeSite is pretty much the only news service going that tells the truth as it is.

And they employ me. Which is really good for everyone.

A one-time donation is great, but we would love it if people would put us down, as Mother Angelica used to say, monthly between the electric and the water bill.

Every little bit helps, of course, and as anyone knows who has spent more than a week in the pro-life movement, the entire thing is run on the little drips and drabs from people who give regularly.

But we're really not proud. If you've got a nice fat 50,000 bills to give us just this once, we won't turn it down.

We take pretty much any currency, whether $, € or the ones with the Queen on.


(and Winnie-the-Cat thanks you too).

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I'm a monthly donor---LifeSiteNews is great!