Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Waaay better than it sounds

Stuffed braised lambs hearts.

For a paltry £1.17 you can get four lambs hearts from the Forum market in Chester. You make a stuffing from

four slices of white bread
two oz. sausage meat
two cloves garlic
three chopped mushrooms
minced apple
chopped Basil and Marjoram
1 egg
splash of red wine
dash olive oil

Cook the sausage meat and let cool a couple of minutes. Mix it all together into a paste and let stand for ten minutes.

Meanwhile, you learn a little anatomy and do a little open heart surgery.

From each heart, trim off some of the fat from the outside, and slice off the remainder of the thing that looks like medical waste (aorta). Inside you will see there are two main chambers, a big one and a little one. Slice down the bit of meat that separates them, making one big chamber.

Stuff with the stuffing and hold it together at the top with two toothpicks.

Place the four hearts in a dutch oven.

Pour over top a braising sauce made of:

One tin plum tomahhtoes
half cup red wine
tbs brown sugar
S&P to taste

slice a medium onion into quarters and place in the dutch oven.

Place in a medium oven for about an hour.

It really is better than you think.

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