Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Great Hunger

I just had a thought.

I wrote a while ago:

* That there has been so much manufacturing in the last 250 years, that there is virtually no need to buy new things. If everyone in this country were to give to a needy neigbour or a church charity all the bits and pieces of furniture, household goods and clothes and other permanent things they are not using, every man woman and child in this country would be amply provided for.

The above suggestion would ruin the economy.

but of course, it wouldn't.

People already have everything they need. They don't buy things they need, they buy things they covet. Or have been taught to covet.

Need is finite. It can be satisfied and the man who needed, freed from his needs is free to pursue the things in life proper to his state.

But we never get there now. What we have now is endless, and endlessly stoked desire and, therefore, endless emptiness. We are a perpetually hungry people, never filled, no matter how bloated we become.

We're the tribbles in the quatro-triticale. Starving to death in a compartment full of poisoned grain.

(hmmm...maybe SciFi is good for something after all...)

"This boy is ignorance and this girl is want..." they are the doom of man.

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