Friday, January 18, 2008

Moving right along...

"Stemagen, a private company set up by an unnamed investor and a top fertility doctor, said its scientists used cloning technology to make five early-stage embryos from donated human eggs and skin cells from two men."

From the useful and interesting Religious
Dr Peter Saunders, General Secretary of Christian Medical Fellowship commented: “Researchers in Japan and the USA have now produced embryonic-like stem cells from human skin cells and accordingly many scientists now regard using animal-human hybrids for stem cell research as a scientific blind alley. As well as being unethical they are simply unnecessary.

“This cynical decision, made in haste whilst parliament is in the midst of debating this very matter, will simply add to the growing international reputation of Britain as a pariah state and the HFEA as an unregulated quango making ill-considered reflex politically correct judgements.” Meanwhile the pro-life group SPUC hit out at news that that the Stemagen Corporation of California has cloned human embryos.

Paul Danon said: “Whatever the truth may be of the claim, it’s appalling that scientists are competing in a race in which ethics and human lives are the first casualties.”

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