Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hey, d'ye think he might be getting ready to suppress the Jesuits?

One warning and a short wait for compliance (that everyone knows will not be forthcoming) and then...

The Pope stressed this reaffirmation several times, pointing to specific areas where the Jesuits are known to have caused scandal.

In the letter, the Pope stated: "so as to offer the entire Society of Jesus a clear orientation which might be a support for generous and faithful apostolic dedication, it could prove extremely useful that the General Congregation reaffirm, in the spirit of Saint Ignatius, its own total adhesion to Catholic doctrine, in particular on those neuralgic points which today are strongly attacked by secular culture, as for example the relationship between Christ and religions; some aspects of the theology of liberation; and various points of sexual morality, especially as regards the indissolubility of marriage and the pastoral care of homosexual persons."


Anonymous said...

Suppress the Jesuits?

Can we begin to dream?

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Well, something weird's going on.

In all the long winter of JPII's papacy, he never once even hinted that he knew there was a problem with the Jebbies. It was all sweetness and light and a merry old "everything's fine" party of wishful thinking.

But Kolvenbach just retired, and his retirement was accpeted three days ago.

Other than his immediate predecessor, Arrupe, no Jesuit Superior General has ever retired.

Something is definitely up.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the dry wit of the clause " it could prove extremely useful that the General Congregation reaffirm". Useful, indeed.