Thursday, January 24, 2008

Call me romantic

But I still go a little giddy whenever I hear the words "Cardinal" and "Pell" put together.


environmentalist fanatics represent "a minority neo-pagan, anti-human mentality,"

Extreme environmental proposals are often expressions of modern society's deep confusion about the place and value of the human person in the world. They should set off warning bells for us. If we have learnt anything from the atrocities of the last century, it is that wide scale attacks upon human life and dignity both stem from and sustain reductive understandings of the human person.

It all makes me think that the kill-the-humans environutters are really just very very unhappy people who don't like their own lives and can't understand why anyone would be interested in life at all.

the root cause of the many and varied human rights abuses which afflict our world today is contemporary man's inability to see himself as "mysteriously different" from other earthly creatures; to grasp the "transcendent" character of his "existence as man"; and to consider life as a splendid gift of God, something "sacred" entrusted to his responsibility and thus also to his loving care and "veneration"
would simply be utterly non-sensical to them.

I remember being a chronically depressed hippie-leftie-socialist feminist who hated life and couldn't see why anyone wouldn't volunteer for the euthanasia centre. It wasn't nice.

Maybe that's why they all come from Vancouver. The 362-day-a-year overcast can make you pretty unhappy, even with all the snowboarding and pot toking.

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