Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Well, it seems I will have to re-post my odd little policy about names for the combox.

We use real names here. The kind used on driving(ers) licenses and birth certificates. We do not use pseudonyms or monikers. If you sign in as "Sage Mossyrock" or "Ottaviani" (however correctly or incorrectly spelled), you will be asked to show proof that this is indeed the name your mother gave you. If you cannot provide convincing proof, you will be asked politely but firmly to change it to something less obviously made up or to leave.

If you cannot resist the temptation to hide your identity, you may call yourself something like "Ian" or "George" or "Janet" or "Mary". This will serve to keep your Big Important Identity a state secret whilst avoiding the tiresome implication that you and your insufferable ego have a Big Important Identity to keep secret. Those using obvious pseudonyms - naming themselves after Figures from History or fiction - will be asked to provide a plausible-sounding name. (Those naming themselves after characters in fantasy novels, including Lord of the Rings, will be immediately banned and sent on their way with the name and contact details of a stern and pragmatic spiritual director.) If you really are a Person of Consequence who would be sacked or kicked out of the seminary for posting a comment here, you may email me and convince me that your case merits an exception and I will assign you an acceptable pseudonym from my long and growing list of obscure early Anglo-Saxon saints. Being named Aethelfridwich will be a suitably humbling experience for the person so afflicted and a salutary warning pour encourager les autres.

It is to be remembered that one of the great criticisms of the internet and its residents is that we do not know the difference between reality and our own egos. This policy is in place to help our readers maintain a healthy perspective.


Paulinus said...

May I call myself Paulinus? It is the diminutive my family gave me. My real Christian name is pretty obvious.

Anonymous said...


OK. Someone else can have Aethelfrith, which I have longed to bestow.

zoomraker said...

I think making people use their real names is a fantastic idea.

Yours Zoomraker

Anonymous said...

You've yet to learn around here, the difference between my joking face and my not joking face.

DP said...

This is her not joking face. I assure you.