Thursday, January 31, 2008

Giddy with delight

I've been called a "fascist" on Damien Thompson's Telegraph blog

Father Tim Finigan's blog

JustineF 29 Jan 2008 17:43

links to a semi-fascist blog [that's ME!! woo hoo!...oh, I see she only said "semi-fascist" Poop.] which in turn links to the BNP [ooooo!].
Father Tim Finigan can't be unaware of the blog's politics since [he talks to me all the time and knows everything I think, cause, you know, I like to keep my opinions to myself and am all secretive and stuff...] he posted a comment on a post (which I presume he read) which favourably mentioned and linked to the BNP in the post's text (as well as including a link to the BNP on its blogroll) [wickedness! The sheer wickedness!]. He conspicuously failed to mention, let alone condemn, or even so much as raise his eyebrows at the BNP link.


thanks Justine.

I couldn't have made up a better parody of what I've been writing about on the subject of the suppression of independent thought in British political life.

You get my coveted Making My Point prize of the week.


Anonymous said...

Oh how terribly, terribly evil you are! 7 hours confession, 5 times a week!

Give it a month or so and you might be upgraded to full fascist. (honestly, liberals!)

Anonymous said...

Conrgatulations. Being called a semi-fascist shows that you're living right.