Thursday, January 24, 2008

I guess it's really true

that wonders never ever cease:

The Guardian has come out against Livingstone.

To understand why Ken Livingstone is unfit to be the Labour candidate for mayor of London, you have to grasp that he has never moved away from the grimy conspirators of the totalitarian left, who have always despised the democratic traditions of the Labour movement. There is a queasiness about dragging them into the light because so many of the baby boomers now in power wasted their youth in Marxist-Leninist politics. But it is better to overcome queasiness than fail to treat a sickness and Ken Livingstone began by travelling with the sickest sect of them all: the Workers' Revolutionary party....

I remember the shock and awe when the Globe and Mail dumped the Liberals and supported Harper. Like the day it stopped raining in Vancouver and this big weird scary bright yellow thing appeared in the sky where the cloud roof is supposed to be and all the pastey-faced bug eyed Vancouverites ran around in a panic thinking it was the end of the world. Lotta lattes spilled that day.



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