Tuesday, October 06, 2009

On the other hand

I'm slightly worried that the African Synod will make my head explode.

A Congolese choir, with bongo drums, electric guitars and swaying, ululating singers, filled St Peter's Basilica with African hymns as the pope formally opened the synod..

That faint popping sound you hear over in N. America might just be me, later this week.
“If the election of a black as head of the United States of America was a ‘divine sign’ and ‘a sign from the Holy Spirit for the reconciliation of races and ethnic groups, for peaceful human relations ..." Monsengwo said, “this Synod and the universal church would gain from not ignoring this primordial event of contemporary history, which is far from being a banal game of political alliances.”

"reconciliation of races and ethnic groups"...

Unless they haven't been born yet, of course.