Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let's hear it for the liturgical uses of communicable diseases!

Thanks Lord for letting the Episcopalians lead the way:
Bishop David A. Zubik wrote to Pittsburgh diocesan priests Oct. 2. "Liturgical practices are one of many encounters throughout the day that are capable of transmitting viruses."

I was in Toronto during the "SARS scare". It was exceedingly dumb. The AD of Toronto had issued a ban on receiving on the tongue so I stopped receiving at all, naturally.

I then went to the local Ukrainian Catholic parish where the only sign posted that was not written in Cyrillic was one that read, "The Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy is not under the jurisdiction of the Latin ordinary of Toronto. The practices of receiving Communion in the Eastern Rites is perfectly hygenic and safe and we have no intention of changing it." Good enough for me.

"Someone suggested we eliminate the (sign of) peace, but a lot of people look forward to it, especially the young people," said the Rev. Bruce Nordeen, pastor at St. John's.
Actually, hated it when I was young too, but maybe I'm just weird.
"...Those uncomfortable receiving from the cup during the flu season should not feel obligated to do so," he wrote.
What about all the other times?