Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Don't Panic

Time for a little poetry.

This just in from our in-house verisfier.

An uncouth academic called Barlow
Once taught lit in a college in Harlow.
He said: "Yes, you may rave
Saying Shakespeare's your fave,
But, quite frankly, I much prefer Marlowe."

It's my Death Star; I know how to man it.
If you have an objection, just can it.
For I'm setting the pace:
Tell me, where is your base?
Or this station will blow up your planet.

A musician who sang a cappella,
A most hapless but sensitive feller,
Driving home in a fog
Killed his landlady's dog,
And was quite at a loss how to tell 'er.

He suggests a new masthead for the blog when we make the transition:


Church, State and Gelato from the Capital of the World