Friday, January 18, 2008

Speaking of cloning nightmares...

Last year, whilst daydreaming one afternoon, I came up with a plot and outline for a science fiction novel that included a near-future society in which cloned and genetically altered humans made up a large portion of the population. They were a genetically engineered slave race, of course. It might have been a bit of boilerplate SciFi, but I thought the name I came up with for the cloned slaves was clever. They were called "constituents".

They were made, you see, from the re-constituted bits of humans.

I thought it was amusingly ironic.

There was another planet involved and all sorts of things and the main character was an archaeologist, one of the last of his almost entirely defunct discipline, since, of course, in the near future, when everyone has three ipods and a constituent to make the tea in the mornings, who needs to know anything about human history or origins?.

Maybe I'll get around to it one day.

I got most of the ideas from various horrifying apocalyptic nightmares I'd had over the years, but only the really scary ones. The ones that made me want to not go back to sleep for a year.

It got complicated when I had to start looking up Urgaritic texts from the ancient near east and studying the mystical poetry of St. John of the Cross.

It's sooo easy to become distracted when researching.