Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sorry Arse

Being “Sorry Arse” for the day consists of either telephoning or visiting people and saying….. well, “sorry” to them for all the nasty and terrible things that we (or anyone else, either alive or dead) have done to them. This can range from a police car on blue flashing lights which drove to fast down their road to apologising for slavery in the 18th Century. You think I am joking about the last example? Think again.

Unhelpfully for our sycophantic senior officers, the Slavery Abolition Act was in 1807. Ruralshire Constabulary was formed in 1867. But let’s not let a small fact like the force didn’t even exist at the time get in the way of a great apology opportunity. With great ceremony in 2007, senior police officers who were not alive at the time, working for an organisation which didn’t exist at the time, apologised to the local minority ethnic police staff association, for slavery in the British Empire.

Before you ask what this has to do with you, remember that you paid for the posters, literature and the rather delicious lunch afterwards. Council Tax is a wonderful thing.