Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maybe we can try this at the Blognic

From a blog post of mine, dated April 20, 2005:
"I would like to suggest the new Pope Benedict XVI drinking game for those who believe in celebrating for octaves of feasts in the traditional manner. The new drink was suggested by John at Disputations. Tak...e a pint of Bavarian beer in a German stein and a shot glass of Benedictine. Sink the shot glass into the beer stein. Whenever you come across a news article or hear something on the radio that has some liberal/commie/feminist/apostate layman with a PhD in pastoral theology whining that this is the end of their revolutionary stranglehold on the Church, stand up, yell, Viva Papa! and chug it down.

If it is a priest [being interviewed] sing the Te Deum in Latin after knocking it back.

If it is a bishop, and he mentions either 'collegiality' or 'ecumenical dialogue,' repeat step one while dancing in the street."

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