Monday, April 11, 2011

Come to the *Other* Rome Blognic


Well! I'm chuffed and excited and am already having a wonderful time! What a great idea it was to have a party for bloggers!

Sign up now!

Thanks, Vatican!

Just spoke to the proprietor of Scholars Lounge pub

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and all looks just fine. He's got Wifi, a good sound system, loads of room in a newly built space and would love to have a bunch of bloggers come and drink his beer. Meeting with him on Saturday to firm up the plans.


I've had confirmations from all sorts of nice people, (list will follow), and all sorts of people have said they can't come in bodily form, but really want to follow on a live feed. So, I'm going to need help from some tech-savvy people to help with this. I don't imagine it will be any more complicated than setting up a Skype conference call, but suggestions from people who know what they're doing are welcome.


Lots of links coming in from people interested in coming or helping to promote. Thanks John Sonnen (Orbis Catholicus), Fr. Zuhsldorf, Fr. Finigan, Rorate Caeli, Seraphic, Australia Incognita, David Domet (Vox Cantor), Eponymous Flower (plus countless links-to-the-links) and a few phone calls from some unexpected and happy sources, people who have now, suddenly, decided to come to Rome.


Something odd keeps coming up. I've had one commbox message, one email and two phone calls mention the idea that this is a hoax or a joke.

Why on earth would it be a hoax or a joke? Is there something inherently non-credible about having a party for bloggers?

So, no. For the record. I'm having a party in Rome for the Catholic bloggers who want to come. There will be speakers, there will be a panel, there will be loads of mike-time for people who want to say something, and all interspersed throughout this will be "small group break-out sessions," what we in the Real Life biz call "having a drink with your friends and colleagues and chewing the fat".

I didn't think it was that difficult a concept.

More to come


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