Friday, April 15, 2011

Come to the *Other* Rome Blognic: bring your own tomatoes

So, it looks like I picked exactly the right speaker for The *Other* Rome Blognic.

Everyone's talking about Michael Voris.

Weeeeee hheeeee!

Sign up now!

Oh phooey. It's just Shea mouthing off again. Doesn't count.



Larry Denninger said...

"All the cool kids are doing it!"

Well, not all, as I won't be able to attend - my passport card only permits me to drive into Canada and Mexico. :-(

Not to mention it's my Elder Son's 16th birthday...

Maybe I'll give Michael V. something to read on my behalf.

BTW - I'm adding you to my Reader and bloglist.

Christine said...

I love this photo of Voris.