Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Confirmations, want-to-comes, maybes and stragglers

So, who's coming so far?

I've had confirmations from the following well-known bloggers:

Michael Voris
Salt n' Light TV's Rome correspondent
Rorate Caeli
New Liturgical Movement
Orbis Catholicus
Fr. Zuhlsdorf
Seraphic Singles
Discover Happiness
Ars Orandi (whose blog is visually stunning)

Plus a few who have contacted me privately and didn't want to go on the public list. (What can I say? Bloggers are quirky).
Plus a bunch of people who aren't bloggers themselves but just want to come and watch the bunfight.

Registered Maybes
John Smeaton
James Preece
Alex Schadenberg (who told me he'll probably come by proxy)
Dale Price
The Crescat
Weight of Glory

Invited but no response:
John Allen
The Anchoress (Elizabeth Scalia)
The Curt Jester
Chris Gillibrand
Andrew Cusack
Phil Lawler
Eve Tushnet and
Tom Peters

Had a LOT of people say they can't come but want to participate as talking heads via live feed/Skype/iChat or whathaveyou. I've confirmed that the place has Wifi, so this can probably be arranged. I'm still consulting tech-people.

Want to help out?

Send a note about the even to your favourite bloggers who you think might go and give em a poke about it.

We're particularly hoping to see John Allen, Edward Pentin, Andrea Tornielli and Paolo Rodari, all of whom have had the email and the FB invite. Send em a note and tell them there's a beer in it.


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