Monday, April 11, 2011

Come to the *Other* Rome Blognic

Another great reason to come to ours...

...all the cool kids will be there. *

AND our selection process for who gets to go isn't a super-duper, humungous, toppity-top secret.

All you have to do is be a Catholic blogger who wants to come.

Sign up now!

(*Sorry, I was just kidding there. Cardinal Burke probably won't be coming. He's not a blogger.)

All pics pinched from Sonnen



Santa said...

Dearest Hilary:

Retirement is boring! I'm reduced to spending too much time reading blogs and trying to stir up trouble for amusement.

See my message to David below:

Blogger John said...

Gee, too bad I'm not a blogger else I'd love to be there.

Are you thinking of going Mr. Vox? If so, don't get taken in by any of this "new media/technology skype virtual reality is just as good as being there" nonsense. Nothing beats actually being there in the flesh.

It would be great if you were in attendance if only to see the sparks fly when you and your arch - nemesis, Hilary Jane Margaret White came into contact.

Because of the JPII beatification on May 1st, accommodations will be hard to come by. I can give you the address of a neat little hotel just outside of Rome in Santa Marinella very convenient to the train station that takes you right into Rome if you want.

John Vicente,
(not one of the cool kids)

Anthony S. Layne said...

Oh, drat! Being a poor, broke man out of a job and all that rot, I won't be able to attend either the official blognic or the cool kids' gathering! (Plus, getting a US passport at the last minute is truly depending on divine intervention.)