Friday, April 15, 2011

I've just made a deal that will keep the Empire out of here forever

There has been some talk about a Catholic Bloggers' Guild in the UK.

I have no words to describe what a dumb idea I think this is.

Except this:

But Laurence England did:
That's what I thought about the Rome blognic, where loads of Catholic bloggers are invited, only to be confronted by a stern faced Cardinal Sodano of greasing the wheels for Marcel Maciel infamy and an even less amused Cardinal Schonborn, still reeling from the worldwide viewed footage of that clown youth Mass in Vienna. "Turn back everyone! It's a trap!" the bloggers cry, but it is too late! All the bloggers are rounded up and then turned into 'carbonite' by Cardinal Sodano who is now dressed as Bobba Fett, the bounty hunter.

And so did James Preece:
But even if the motives are honourable, I do think that once you have a Guild of Catholic Bloggers, you have an acceptable mainstream face of blogging. You have something that can be leaned on and coerced in to expecting certain behaviour of it's members. You can say that you have the only real version of what Catholic blogging looks like and anybody else isn't really a Catholoc blogger.

What is it with the English desperation to be ruled by bureaucracy anyway? I've noticed for a long time that it is the British Catholic bloggers who are quickest to kowtow to the Powers, the biggest nervous nellies when it comes to political incorrectness and, perhaps ironically, the most vicious pack of pirhanas in the commboxes. Do they even notice how nasty they are? (Scroll down this commbox thread... so much for the old British reputation for manners and restraint). As I said somewhere, if this is what we can expect from a guild of British bloggers, thanks but no thanks.

Guys, there's already plenty of regulation in British society. Try liberty for a while instead. It's the great political and philosophical heritage of England, after all, all the way back to Alfred the Great.

I know it's scary, but it's really, really OK just to say whatever you think on your own blog. It's OK. Really.


Re. my note about about English Blogger Nervous Nellieism.

Hilary White ... 3 hours ago in reply to Quareitur
Man, you English bloggers treat each other badly.

Good thing your guild idea won't work. I'd hate to be the one cleaning up the mess after the meetings.

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Hilary White [Moderator] 0 minutes ago in reply to Hilary White
Don't edit me! I said you treat each other like crap and that's what I meant.

And I can't believe what a pack of nervous nellies y'all are.




Mrs McLean said...

UK, nothing. They meant England.

Why do Catholics in England use UK, Britain and England interchangeably? It drives me crazy. And imagine how the Catholic Welsh must feel. It's the Church in England AND WALES down there.

It's like the Americans signing NORAD, setting up their missiles in Canada, and then not bothering to answer the Prime Minister's phone calls during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

It drives me crazy and I haven't even written my "Living in the UK" test yet.

And that's another can of worms:

Practise Test 5

Q. 2 Which of these statements is correct?

A. In Scotland, some people in the Highlands and Islands speak Gaelic.

B. In Scotland, some people in the the south speak Gaelic.

Hello, Home Office, some Gaelic speakers actually live in the south. Shocking but true, and I saw some on Gaelic TV. Therefore, although A is the the more common scenario, both answers are correct. As you would know if, like me, you lived here.

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Great post! I'm NOT joining anything!

Anthony Ozimic said...

I object to the insensivity exhibited to Darth Vader in this and related posts. Under Vatican II's Declaration on Religious Liberty, believers in the Dark Side of the Force and all other pagan religions have the inalienable right to manifest their beliefs both publicly and privately, free from unjust discrimination.

Unknown said...

Interestingly, the last time I heard about some kind of a blogger's guild was during the big freespeechers debate in Canada about human rights commissions when a number of bloggers were getting sued or facing human rights complaints. It was the brain child of Ezra Levant and the aim was mutual protection and preservation of freedom of speech.
So I would not be against the idea of a guild provided it had the right mission statement.

justin said...


A blogger referring to other bloggers as contrastingly nervous nellies and vicious pirhanas and in the process stereotyping a whole nation, who then goes on to refer to other bloggers as nasty.

How hypocritical.