Monday, August 31, 2009

Welcome aboard ladies,

And in the words of the great Anne Muggeridge,

here's your bucket, now start bailing.

BTW: Sure hope ECUSA lets you keep your lovely convent, but judging from their recent record of litigious spite against anyone who crosses them, I wouldn't hold my breath.


Zach said...

Bully for them! I think the reaction of most Episcopalians (if they even hear of this) will be "We have nuns? Who knew?"

“We kept thinking we could help by being a witness for orthodoxy,” said Sister Mary Joan Walker, the community’s archivist.

Mother Christina said that effort “was not as helpful as we had hoped it would be.”

Talk about masterful understatement...

This, I think, is the most astonishing part of the article, though:

Mother Christina said 10 archdiocesan priests, including Auxiliary Bishop Denis J. Madden, have stepped forward to learn how to celebrate the Anglican-use Mass.

Oh, and you're right -- I'm sure Her Squiddlyness will be apoplectic and is calling out the flying monkeys, er, lawyers post-haste. All in the name of love 'n' justice 'n' property 'n' our church polity (peace be upon it).


Zach said...

Oh, sorry, am I still under interdict?

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

You're temporarily reprieved.

Zach said...

Thank you, most gracious blogmistress.

Br. Stephen, O.Cist said...

The Episcopal Church was late in recognizing and therefore regulating religious orders so the Sisters own their joint free and clear and it comes with.

It's a lovely place.

eulogos said...

Br. speak as if you know wereof you speak. It is just difficult for me to imagine 815 not trying to grab this place, given the recent experience of my husband's parish which left and had their church confiscated after trying to negotiate in good faith. The diocese is now trying to bring the priest up on malfeasance charges because parishioners gave money to the St. Matthias society and the church spent down its assets. The diocese is also fussing about the ownership of a used rocking chair someone bought for the priest's pregnant wife, because it is in photographs they took of the church interior.
So it is difficult for me to imagine that they wouldn't make some attempt at a grab for this obviously valuable property.
But if they really can't, wonderful!
Susan Peterson