Monday, August 10, 2009

Dear me, what predictable bores these English secularists are.

As you read his books, it becomes very clear that Terry Pratchett, who gets read a lot by my Roman friends and me, is really very much another tiresome British secularist in the Dawkins "I'mtoosmarttobebotheredlookinganythingup" vein.

So, while some people seem upset by this, it is hardly surprising.


Anonymous said...

"Sir" Terry Pratchett?

Things have certainly gone downhill.

Lucille said...

No, they haven't.

It's an improvement over Sir Mick Jagger - Pratchett has had some decent things to say from time to time.

Paulinus said...

He said on the radio last week that he wanted to be euthanased listening to Tallis (Spem in Alium, I presume).

Clearly too clever to get irony.