Thursday, August 13, 2009

Myth # 12

Women who go into religious life nowadays are overwhelmingly overweight, middle-aged frumps in polyester who couldn't get a date even with the help of a Visa card.

Now here's a funny thing.

There is a big study out that shows that young Catholic women are really only interested in communities of nuns who wear the habit and do all that traditional nunny bowing and scraping to authority that the fembots so loathe.

So why does the website of the National Religious Vocation Conference that did the study, feature on their "new members" page, mainly (ahem) ladies who are not, shall we say,

more representative?

Nope I don't see any agenda around here.

No sirree!


Kate said...

Hope you don't mind, I have tagged you for the '7 things you love' meme!

Br. Stephen, O.Cist said...

Today we monks at Spring Bank loaded up to go see our O.Cist. sisters at Prarie du Sac for the Assumption. The sisters all got a good laugh as Fr. Prior told them about this study's radical findings, with the loudest laughs coming from their seven juniors in their twenties.

The executive summary of the study reads as if it was hideously painful for the researchers to write. I look forward to digging into the actual data.

I used to do public opinion research studies and after looking at their methodology, I'm guessing it cost them around $200,000 to discover that young people are interested in religious orders that, shock, live like religious.

Dorothy Cummings McLean said...

I have a friend, a dear, beautiful,20-something, young woman with a doctorate from a Top British University, who has joined the Bendictine community in Ryde.

Just thought I'd mention. Oh, I probably should mention the 20-something friend I made shortly before he left our parish to go into a Carthusian monastery in England.