Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I'll be sticking to the Jeremy Brett versions, if it's all the same to Hollywood

It was inevitable, I suppose.


BillyHW said...

C'mon Hilary, Sherlock Holmes and gay sex go together like pickles and cheesecake.

I wonder what new and wondrous things hollywood celebrities will shove up their asses next week!

Anonymous said...

Ah Sherlock rogering Watson - just what the world needs.

But it makes no difference really, we're all gay now. I realised this after someone decided GK Chesterton was gay. Of course he was. And I'm so gay I was a lesbian before I was conceived.

And as a gay person, I'd just like to say that I think gay sex is immoral, and that gaymarriage and gay adoption etc are abominations. And the people who want these things are bullies and need their butts kicked.

DP said...

I am proud to say I was able to see Jeremy Brett perform "The Secret of Sherlock Holmes" live back in 1989. He is Holmes, period.