Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stamping it out

It looks like the effort by the North American episcopate, clergy and religious orders to destroy the Catholic faith only worked on the white people.

Oh well. I suppose they are the ones who really count, right?

Looks like the brown people didn't get the message that the Catholic religion is uncool.

A landmark study on vocations to religious institutes in the United States since 1993 has found that recent vocations are both more culturally diverse and characterized by common values, including fidelity to the Magisterium. The study, conducted by the Center for the Applied Research in the Apostolate for the National Religious Vocation Conference, found that although 94% of “finally-professed” religious are white, recent vocations are 21% Hispanic, 14% Asian or Pacific Islander, and 6% African or African American.


Felix said...

And white vocations largely come from the charismatic community, with a growing number of vocations from the traditional Latin rite community.

The main stream is drying up.

John said...

Personal impression: Humanæ Vitæ - or the non-observance thereof - is largely responsible for the proportions. Blacks and Hispanics still have lots of children. White people, including white Catholics, decided not to reproduce themselves some time ago. When there are half a dozen children one of two of them with a religous or priestly vocation is welcomed. The only-child's vocation is usually discouraged. They may not want much in the way of children of their own but they still want grandchildren and the name to be carried on. They still want help in their old age.

Feel free to disagree. I have no statistics or scientific studies at all. But that's the way it appears to be going.



DP said...

The Church's catholicity may yet save us from ourselves. I hope.