Tuesday, August 18, 2009

But, why!? Why are they d-doing this to us?!

The poor little dears.

This is funny:

LCWR is complaining of
"lack of full disclosure about the motivation and funding sources" for the inquiry. The group also said it objects to the Vatican plan to keep private the reports that will be submitted to the Holy See.

Here's some motivation for you: you're a bunch of screeching heretics who repeatedly talk in public about how much y'all hate the Catholic Church.

"There's no transparency there," said Sister Annmarie Sanders, a conference spokeswoman.

There doesn't have to be, darling. It's not a corporation and it's not a democracy and they don't actually have to tell you why.

The party's over. Suck it up.

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Felix said...

You're right, of course. The Papacy is not a corporation and, although the CEO is elected, it's not a democracy.

But, speaking as a trad concerned about recent ecclesiastical wrongdoings, I think a bit more transparency wouldn't go amiss.