Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Safe, legal and rare"

Except that it isn't safe, is it?

I've always wondered how the abortion lobby can talk with a straight face about "unsafe abortion" in places like Kenya where it is (mostly) illegal.

What is the magic that happens to a medical procedure, one that involves blindly rooting around inside a pregnant woman with sharp instruments and powerful suction devices, when it is made legal? How does the precise same procedure that was "unsafe" when illegal become "safe" when legalised?

Of course, what they will tell you is that it now does't have to be done in a "back alley" and the staff are properly trained nurses and doctors, not hacks in it for the money. And no one does it for money or political influence. If it's legal, everything is above board right?

But it's funny what happens to all that when a government attempts to make the slogan mean something. Safe, legal and rare, right?

What was the first thing again?

What's with all the shrieking and howling boys? Isn't it all about the safety of the woman?

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