Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hairdresser update

So, I went and came out actually looking exactly like Diana Rigg in the Avengers.

This could be a picture of me.

Seriously, where can I get me a black leather cat suit in this town?


Gregory said...

May your fabulous haircut embolden you to go out and avenge something!!

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

I think it's still a bit too warm for the black leather though.

Paul Goings said...

Miss White,

I should think, based only on the brief amount of time that I've spent in Rome, that you could obtain a black leather cat suit without any difficulty whatsoever. My wife and I have always greatly enjoyed our shopping experiences in the City, although, as Americans, we found them quite a bit more "hands on" than we're generally accustomed to!

Robert Berard said...

I hope that you will post a picture of yourself in the new hair-do, even if you can't find the appropriate avenging gear.