Monday, August 31, 2009

hey 'conservatives': time to put the money on the table

Good point Binks:

IT’S TIME FOR CONSERVATIVE PEOPLE to put up, or shut up. Support conservative causes, buy conservative books, subscribe to the magazines, donate to our various online causes, and do it now.

One thing liberals and radicals do is put their money where their mouth is. We need to develop a habit of doing that, along with supporting our religious and other essential charities as we find them near us.

But it might have been nice to get a direct plug. Everyone in the 'sphere seems to like LifeSite, but kind of start shuffling their feet and changing the subject when it comes to actually giving some money.

So it might have been nice to get a direct mention.

LifeSite is broke.

So cough it up, why dontcha?

If you're in the states, we'll give you a tax receipt.

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