Wednesday, August 26, 2009

...with one notable exception.

Teddy, we'll miss ya. We really will.

This just in by email from a US friend who wishes to remain un-named for perhaps obvious reasons:

Dear Hilary,

I know the passing of Sen. Kennedy must be a very difficult occasion for you. A great enemy of human life has died, and every normal person's inner pharisee longs to be let out, ( "Please, please, just this once!!" ), to shout with joy, to cry out and say, " Good riddance, you fat evil bastard!! " I want you to know that I support you, and I hope you will support me, in the collective struggle to dominate the inner pharisee... I personally find it very hard to restrain the impulse to let my inner pharisee send a telegraph to my Congressman, Patrick Kennedy, Teddy's equally-loathsome-but-much-much-dumber son, congratulating him on his accession to the Throne of Evil. But I shall not do this. I am restrained. I am under control.

In the meantime, let us reflect that, just at a moment when the Obamanation could really use a great organizer and rallier to his cause in the Senate, Ted, who was a great organizer and rallier to causes, has been taken away. God's timing is mysterious, but impeccable...

"Telegraph for Patrick Kennedy!"

"He's over here, sir, under the bar."

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Banshee said...

I happened to be listening to our local "urban music" station, and they mentioned Chappaquiddick. The guy doing the show actually sounded kinda shocked at himself, and pointed out that they were probably the only people mentioning it on the air.... But they rolled with it.

And that's a station that usually has distinctly liberal leanings.