Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Living in Sin

Michael finds a bishop he likes! Wonders really do never cease.

I once had a friend who was very keen to be more than a friend. He really didn't get it about the whole Catholic thing though, so I was constantly telling him I wasn't interested, but since he was in other ways quite a good fellow, and quite thoughtful and kind, I didn't tell him to get lost. He knew that I would never indulge in anything sinful with him but he really didn't get why.

Then once, he told me about having lived with a woman for five years. He said that she grew increasingly unhappy and took her unhappiness out on my friend more and more, and of course, they broke up acrimoniously. He told me how much he regretted messing up his "relationship" with this woman.

I said, "Well, I can understand why she became angry with you. You were stealing from her."

He was very taken aback and said, "What do you mean?"

"Well, living with a woman, and having sex with her, without being married is appropriating something to yourself that you have no right to. You were taking the privileges of marriage without being willing to give yourself to her in return. You were stealing something precious and important, something that came out of her soul."

He looked very surprised and this, but finally told me that I had given him an insight he had never had before.

I do feel sorry for people out there in the secular, sexual free-for-all world. I see it portrayed on television shows, and some of them accurately depict how much misery it all causes, but none of them ever have a clew why everyone is so miserable. Unlimited sex was supposed to make everyone happy.

I can attest, it really doesn't.


As an aside, I might have one criticism for Michael's video above. The sarcasm is just a tad heavy-handed, don't you think? But the point is taken.

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