Monday, April 18, 2011

Gosh, they don't half take things seriously over there!

Well well, isn't this fun!.

I must say I enjoyed being referred to on a blog, with ponderous journalistic gravitas, as "White". I am asked to present "evidence," no doubt in triplicate with attached documentation, for my "charges". (But I do like "La Pirhana", which is almost as good as the insult I got from the Messa in Latine blog a while ago, "La Perfida Albione". I'm going to have to start a separate blog label just for the amusing nicknames I get called by other bloggers.)

I see that Mr. Sensible takes all this terribly, terribly seriously. In a previous post he writes, "The stakes are high of course."


Good grief!

No, they're not. Why?

Because the Catholic blogs aren't very important.

What is important?

Well, that babies are being murdered in every corner of the world, and it's legal. That old people are being dehydrated to death in nursing homes. That kids are graduating from highschool who can't write a coherent sentence in the English language. That my cousin in Cheshire was given the HPV vaccine at school and she was only 13. That millions of people believe all kinds of amazing crap about the Faith because the media is owned and operated by Stan.

Honestly, the whole point of my objections to all this is that guilds and Vatican conferences and meetings, complete with proposed treasurers, minutes-takers and subcommittees, is endowing the whole enterprise with entirely too much importance.

Guys, blogs really don't matter very much.

The internet's not real life.

Go pick some flowers, or feed the cat, or have a beer at the pub, woo a pretty girl, or weed the tomatoes, or, I don't know, read a book or something. Take something seriously that is of The Real.

And sign up for the fun blognic. Where there will be real beer, real food and actual live real people to talk to.