Monday, July 22, 2013

Why I don't work on the front lines

Some people have the ability to stand in front of an abortion facility and pray and talk to people in a regular, normal tone of voice.

I don't.

Years ago, when I was working in the TO office of CLC, I got a call from a guy from Honduras who was asking for legal help to rescue his girlfriend and unborn child. They had come up to Canada together and he had lost his illegal job and couldn't find another. She was offered a bed in a womyn's shelter, supposedly as a temporary thing. He was allowed to visit her until it was discovered that she was pregnant. At that point, he was refused entry and she had her "phone privileges" revoked.

He had found out that the thugs in charge had brought in a government social worker who told the girlfriend that if she didn't have an abortion she would be arrested and deported as an illegal. It was a lie, but how was she to know? He had tried several times to see her, even waiting around on the sidewalk and trying to talk to her through a window. The womyn in the place literally dragged her away from the window.

She had been effectively imprisoned, without charge or due process, by the warm and welcoming Canadian liberal/feminist social safety net.

He called us in desperation, with a few days left before the appointment, to ask what his legal recourse was. His English wasn't great and it took me about five tries to explain to him that he had absolutely no rights at all, and that if he tried to intervene, he'd find himself in jail. One of the most horrifying and painful conversations I've ever had. I had to go home after and go to bed.

The next day, as I was sitting on the subway on the way to the office, I wanted to start screaming, "Do you people know what's going on?!"

It was not long after that I started working from home for LifeSite. Being that close to the action was too much for me.

It's what's coming in Ireland when the Fine Gael bill passes. Right now, this is still possible. But when it passes, all the parents or boyfriend (or pimp) have to do is find a pro-abort social worker, or a pro-abort shrink willing to sign the pre-approved forms. And it won't be long before this little formality is also cleared out of the way.
UK abortion clinics routinely violate law, forge abortion documents: government investigation

And no one wants to know about it.
Gov. drags its feet for almost 18 months over investigating docs who pre-signed abortion forms

Mostly because it's out of sight. As long as the public is still shielded from the reality, as long as the pro-lifers are more interested in sparing people's widdle feewings, no one is ever going to know what's going on.

Man in forced abortion threat case grateful to pro-life group SPUC



John said...

What you do now certainly seems like the front lines to me. It's considerably more than I do, which is largely nothing except cut the occasional check.

Teresa B. said...

But what you do now gives the push to many others to go and do the front line work. It also gives more people the opportunity to understand what is going on globally in the fight for the right to life.
Front lines or the home front and all places inbetween we all are fighting the good fight.
Even if it feels like the world is a bunch of zombies.
You even get to do it from Italy!