Monday, July 22, 2013

The Monday morning beat

Coffee and an almond/hazelnut/plum bakie with ricotta on top for breakfast.
It's nine-thirty and the birds are tweeting,

but they're singing in Italian,

so I tune it out ... as usual.

The sofa is so soft, man,

but I gotta get up and go

Go to the gym, man...

Gotta get me a bongo.

~ * ~

And, have discovered awesome new band

Neon Trees

~ * ~



Someone get me a steam engineer!!



a Christopher said...

Hm. It looks as if all that the steam does is twirl that mixing impeller. The extraction itself is driven by a soldering iron.

And to get at the coffee you have to remove that same coil and the impeller and put them somewhere... this is more work than it's worth.

Teresa B. said...

The Lost Boys! Great song!

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Make me a better one. I want Steampunk Coffee!

a Christopher said...

... the first thing that comes to mind is you should try setting your stovetop coffee thing (it's Italy, right? so... everyone has one?) over a blue alcohol flame. Because blue alcohol flames are awesome. And for the setting part ... tricky. You're going to need a brass smith.