Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hope in Francis

Finally, something about this papacy that is filling me with hope.

Hope that World Youth Day, those wretched festivals of self-congratulation and liturgical chicanery, will finally be cancelled...

Just THINK of all the poor Brazilians, -- who are rioting in the streets! -- who could use those hundreds of millions of dollars for food, and shelter, and free health care!
"...Participants are being asked to pay fees ranging from $51 to $283,...

"O Globo reported that registrations for World Youth Day were expected to be in the neighborhood of 1 million to 2 million, with participant fees covering at least 70 percent of the total estimated cost of $140 million.

"Meanwhile, space-clearing efforts in two World Youth Day venues that involved plans to cut down trees have also sparked concern.

"In the Serra da Tiririca national park, 334 trees were reportedly removed from an Atlantic rainforest in order to accommodate a gathering of some 800 youth from the diocese of São Sebastião de Itaipu prior to the pope's arrival.

"The deputy mayor of the city of Niterói, where the forest is located, complained to local media that church officials had not sought permission."

If only John Allen were on our side.



Dymphna said...

I keep hoping WYD will just die but it won't. Too many people think it's part of the Faith now like a Ramadan pilgrimage for the 30 and under set with lousy music.

Teresa B. said...

The Archdiocese of Toronto/Office of Catholic Youth did not organize a group for Rio because of the safety concerns and cost involved. They encouraged parishes to organize their own people to go if there was an interest.
This WYD is for 18+.
I remember friends who went to Denver and the Church had the youth pegged at 13-39 years of age. It changes each time.

Can't believe about the cutting of the trees! WOW!
It is always entertaining to see the vestments, hear the geetar music for the mass and see if there will be any liturgical dancing.
I used to think it was a worthwhile venture every few years until I chaperoned at Toronto's WYD. Who doesn't want to see wheelchaired youth participating in liturgical dance?