Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Sooooo cute!

The other evening, I was walking a friend home and we ran into some other friends who had been at the beach. They had with them a big cardboard box with holes punched in it and asked us if we wanted a baby duck. There had been this guy at the beach that day selling baby ducks and chicks to passersby and they had not been able to resist, but now realised that they were all headed back to the States for the remainder of the summer and wouldn't be able to look after him.

I looked and looked at that adorable little ball of yellow fluff and very nearly caved. The truth is that I've always wanted a pet duck. Fortunately, there's a park just up the road from us that has lots of ducks and geese, so the little feller had a place to go. But ooooo, I wanted to take that little duck home!



Teresa B. said...

They waddle pretty darn fast!

df said...

gimme gimme!