Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kiron update

One of our friends has been in touch with Kiron's family.... Here is the latest:

Thanks again for all your prayers. Kiron was hit by a taxi while cycling in Rome and sustained a serious head injury. The good news is that the bleeding has stopped, and the area has drained. Kiron is being kept in a medically-induced coma on a breathing machine in the ICU -- the doctors intend to keep her in the coma for 1 or 2 weeks.

Her condition is gravely serious but stable. The haematoma has so far not worsened and the inter cranial pressure is good. All her vitals her fine. He also said that they would be monitoring the haematoma in case it worsens.

The doctors have encouraged people to come to visit -- to sit with her, talk, read, pray . . . . She's at St. Camillo hospital. Visiting hours are from 1-3 and 5-11. Fortunately, many of Kiron’s friends have been able to visit, and her father is here from the States.

Latest today from her family:
"Kiron is not worsening so that is good and the only thing to be done now is keep her in a coma so that she may heal. She is being monitored closely with a drain in her head to relieve and monitor cranial pressure. She is also being administered progesterone which is the new protocol and been shown to help limit damage and aid recovery. It looks like the doctor today said it may be 1 to 2 weeks that Kiron will be kept in coma. So for next week the the good news would be that there will be nothing to report as she is left to heal."

Please keep praying!

Our Lady of Pompeii, pray for us!
Saint Pantaleon, pray for us!
All ye holy Helpers, pray for us!


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Prayers continuing here in Orangeville!