Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Don't drink Coke

Go to your cupboard or fridge. Take out any thing in a tin or bottle that isn't water. Look at the ingredients list. Very nearly everything will have high fructose corn syrup or glucose syrup as one of the first things on the list.

Stop consuming processed foods.

And yes, stop drinking Coke.



Anonymous said...

Since I gave up worrying about fat and concentrated on Carbs I have stopped gaining weight. When I get the discipline to cut carbs, I can loose weight. The USDA food pyramid is not true.


Robert said...

What, should we stop smoking now too? :-)

Coke with real cane sugar can be obtained around Passover (look for the kosher symbol and the yellow cap) and near the Mexican border.

Anonymous said...

When my father had a heart-attack the cardiologist told him to stop consuming soft drinks (or soda as Americans call it).


Anonymous said...

Next breaking nutritional discovery: Home baking cancels out the effects of sugar.


JohnB said...

Not true. I heard you can actually lose weight with Coke.