Thursday, July 18, 2013

A hymn to NewChurch

Go ahead, click it. I dare you.

I double-dare you.



Karen K said...

ACCCCCKKKKKK! You should have had some disclaimer, sort of "this is intended only for people with strong stomachs and/or the deaf. Viewer discretion is advised."

Why is it that NewChurch cannot, even by accident, come up with a decent piece of music? The unmelodical melody, the puerile lyrics... from hunger. And sadly, typical.

Fr Paul of Niagara said...

"We have no door," the song says. But Christ said, "I am the door". So...

Quite banal.

Teresa B. said...

I like listening to some Catholic/Christian Praise and Worship
OUTSIDE of church and I wouldn't even listen to that again!
I hope they don't PERFORM that song at any of the WYD masses.
I hope lots of TLM young adults sit in the front rows with their arms crossed during this song.
Young people expect this sort of "Liturgical" Music as it is the norm not the exception at the masses they attend - thank you LifeTeen!

John said...

21st century neo-Catholicism: where disco lives. Kind of anæmic disco but still, ahem, stayin' alive.



Childermass said...

And what's with the video's obsession with St. Paul's Cathedral in London? It isn't even (and has never been) a Catholic church

Unknown said...

Absolutely perfect for the New Springtime.

Off to listen to something to make the earworm go away

Unknown said...

The old saying about lipstick on a pig comes to mind.

In this case the "lipstick" is the religious language, slapped onto a self-indulgent dance tune.

She is spouting religious-sounding words like "Christ" and "missionaries," so that is all that matters to New Churchers.

Anonymous said...

Mercifully, my phone cut out at the 13 second mark.

Another reason to abolish World Goof Day.


JohnB said...

Okay, let's see. From the start, it's about three times too long. Stock video footage used REPEATEDLY throughout.
The music is canned. Beats picked by a poorly skilled musician. No memorable theme to it. There is a drummer and a bassist, though these instruments are not actually heard: all the music is synthesized.
The lyrics lack any substance.
And it makes one so very uncomfortable seeing actual young people trying SO hard to be hip, even to their own generation.

Anonymous said...

Who wrote this? Graham Kendrick ??

Lynne said...

Not going to listen... Nope. I love the label for this post.

Richard Collins said...

Ugh.....double ugh.

Anonymous said...

triple, triple, triple ugh!!!!!