Sunday, July 14, 2013

Post-Gardone Blues

Just sent this note to Mike Matt at the Remnant:
"So, I was just watching the videos you posted to FB and thinking, 'I feel like I'm still there, and my brain is all confused. Where is everybody? When's the next talk? What am I doing home? Why didn't I get to play any tennis today?' I'm already homesick for it.

"That's the problem with getting to make friends with so many people from so many different places. You spend all your time wishing you were somewhere else."

It was even more wonderful this year. I can't describe. I've got a lot of photos to post, but am still pretty tired from the full-day ride home on Friday; ferry and trains and lugging stuff across the country.

Still mulling over the many, many conversations and often astonishing lectures I was privileged to have with quite simply some of the most interesting and intelligent people I'm ever likely to know. The only conference I ever go to where I try hard to get to all the talks. It's the one place where the lecture will always, every time, teach you something or some way of thinking about something that had never occurred to you before. I have come away full of ideas and must spend some time cogitating and digesting.

But of course, the weather has finally become very hot, so perhaps the thinking will be a little slower than usual.

But I'm home. And Winnie is fine, and all my lovely friends are here. So, that's good, anyway.



Fr. Paul of Niagara said...

"Re-entry burnout"

That's what a priest friend called the experience of returning from some Tridentine situation back to the main-stream Church, etc.

Anyway, yes, it was wonderful. A true battery-charger-upper. Deo gratias.

You know who I am said...

When Alaric comes, he will burn your home,
He will steal your gold, silver—all you own;
He will wave a big knife, and run off with your wife:
It was four hundred ten.

It’s the end of ancient Rome,
Read the letter by Jerome,
Or Augustine’s heavy tome:
It’s the end of the world.

To Atila’s shame, Pope Saint Leo came,
(with St Peter’s help,) and he made him tame
to prevent for a time the destruction and flame:
It was four fifty two.

It’s the end of ancient Rome etc.

Then the Vandals came, and they took their time:
So that after them, we all name the crime
When one totaly wrecks all that’s precious and fine:
It was four fifty five.

It’s the end of ancient Rome etc.

When Totila came, the defences held;
So he starved us all, till the corpses smelled;
and the City gave up, so the mob then rebelled:
It was five forty six.

It’s the end of ancient Rome etc.

Many years passed by, the Barbarians left,
and the City was of its treasure bereft;
But Mahometans came, to continue the theft:
It was eight forty six.

It’s the end of ancient Rome etc.

And in this we have an important tale,
Which is fit for a lecture at Harvard or Yale:
That to sit by and quail, will let evil prevail
At the end of the world.

The Mahometans now come
Please do smile, and don’t look glum
Even if you think they’re scum
You now better play dumb.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

You don't know the tune, do you?

Mark said...

Any idea if and where I can get a hold of the full talks?

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

I'm afraid they don't really publish them. You just have to go.

Fr Paul of Niagara said...

Now, Hilary, aren't there recordings of the talks eventually?

More photos please.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Did you record them? I didn't. Maybe Mike Matt will give us more than the little glimpses of video he took.