Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ladies in puffy dresses

When I was a little kid, I was obsessed with ladies in puffy dresses. I drew endless pictures with the ladies with perfect 1969 flip hairdos and huge bell-shaped skirts, puffy sleeves and pushing a little baby pram. The baby in the pram often had a perfect flip hair do too. My mother loved them, and saved a bunch.

My grandfather had an opera record of Joan Sutherland that had her in this fantastic dress from the 50s, made of about ten acres of blue duchess satin. Oh man. I used to sneak into the closet and pull it out, and just gaze.

I think I spent 20 years in the SCA because this obsession really never left me, and I made some amazing clothes in that time. Lots of bombasted, puff n' slash sleeves and padded velvet, lemme tell ya.

It could be why I got so into art classes. Maybe that's what I'll do for a living when I'm ready to retire from the Wars. There have to be lots of loaded ladies out there who want their portrait done in the manner of Gainsborough or Fragonard.

Anyway, it's Saturday, and it's fiercely hot (30+) and I really don't want to do anything but look at pretty pictures of ladies in puffy dresses on the internet. So, here. Let's loaf about together.

Lately been getting into Van Eyck, but it's the same general principle.

I remember seeing this one in the National Gallery in DC a few years ago, and sticking my nose up as close to it as I figured I could without getting arrested. Van Eyck rewards close inspection.

In fact, here's an awesome documentary on this amazing painting.


Teresa B. said...

That first picture - is it me or does she looks like she has extremely long legs under that dress?
Though I love that dress the most!
I grew up always wanting a dress from Gone with the Wind or Pride and Prejudice.
Or the wealthy from England/France in the 1600-1700's.

Melina said...

The second from top is beautiful - would you mind telling me its name and artist?