Friday, July 05, 2013

At Gardone

so, things are going to be a little sparse here for the next while. I'm at the Roman Forum conference in Gardone Riviera, thanks to the kindness of a generous donor.

Here's some photos:
Had a full day of trains and ferries on Tuesday, starting at five to get the six am train to Termini, then off to Milan, from there to Desenzano, walk down to the ferry terminal and took the slow boat across Lake Garda. Arrived at the Angeli hotel in Gardone Sopra by suppertime, totally exhausted. But happy to be here again.

Train to Desenzano at Milano Centrale station: built tough by Canadians.

What you do when you've got two hours to kill in Desenzano while waiting for the ferry across Lake Garda.

Central marina in Desenzano del Garda.

Grabbed a surprisingly cheap lunch at the cafe on the marina.

Here comes the boat.

Bye bye Desenzano.

Castle at Sirmione, a little island in the middle of Lake Garda.

Where to eat in Sirmione.

Life on the lake.

It's an Imperial-era villa of someone important... Catullus, Cthulhu... Cato... someone famous...

Western shore of Lake Garda is lined with resorts: people have been taking their holidays here for thousands of years.

The Vittoriale, house of Gabriele D'Annunzio, the mad prophet, in Gardone Sopra.

The Church of St. Nicholas in Gardone Sopra, a lovely Baroque re-make of the earlier medieval church. We have Mass here every day.

Salo cathedral, one ferry stop past Gardone. Ferry passes Gardone to stop in Salo, then turns around and goes back. All the shopping you need to do can be done in Salo. And the cathedral is famous

Salo marina.

And, at last! Gardone itself. The little trenino takes you and your tired self and all your goods and chattels up the hill.

Arrived just in time for dinner at the perennial Mario's

Life at the Roman Forum happens rather more slowly than elsewhere. Modernity not welcome.

...except for the internet. The work room. Free wifi at the Angeli and Sofia hotels, so we all spend a lot of time ticking away while the chatting goes on around us.

Prof. Thomas Stark of Austria, embodying, as usual, the Gardone style.

Dr. John Rao, lecturing on the first day on the incarnational understanding of society.

Mike Matt, Remnant editor, listening.

John Medaille, lecturing on how the global corporations have bought us all... "It's the real thing!"

And as always, lovely Gardone waits outside.

More later.


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