Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hey! I just had a nice conversation with an old Italian guy In Italian!

I made up two whole sentences.


All by myself!

He said (something like) "Don't work too much," and I said, "Work never ends."

Then he gave me a bunch more Italian I didn't quite catch, and I said, "I'm sorry, Italian is not easy for me." He looked a little sad, and smiled and said "Buon Lavoro".

He seemed really nice. And was wearing a great old fashioned fedora.

That was the third two or three-sentence conversation I've had in Italian this month.

Maybe I could learn not to hate it here so much.

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DP said...

"Maybe I could learn not to hate it here so much."

Then summer will hit.

For my part, I think I could like Italy, at least in the north. Where you could see fresh water and the occasional tree.

Ah, it's a pipe dream anyway. We're stuck here in Michigan, where there's a little more elbow room every day, what with the half-million population loss over the past decade.