Friday, March 12, 2010

A Policeman's Lot is not a Happy One

...happy one.

This from a blog that I visit from time to time, illustrates what I mean by the political correctification of the criminal justice system in Britain, and how it simply gives permission to criminals to go on being criminals.

And it's a bit of a laugh.

In my job, outside of the public order van on a Saturday night, there is precious little opportunity for a really good laugh. With new probationary officers (now called Student Constables) encouraged to note down any “inappropriate” conversations between their peers, the ability to “challenge” ones colleagues for politically incorrect language a prerequisite for career advancement and the new Police Regulations making it an offence to even hear something “inappropriate” without reporting it, even the van is strangely quiet.

Humour is almost exclusively at someone elses expense, and in todays modern police service, we cannot mock anything or anyone, even if they can’t hear us, without being labelled as an “ist” of some kind. The public can ridicule the police as much as they like of course.

So, eight beautiful girls on a hen night, two men with funny hats, a uni-cyclist(???) and three lads dressed as penguins all walk past without even a comment or a snigger from the F Division Public Order team.

One night, an absolutely stunning woman approached the van and pulled aside her blouse to show us her naked chest. This happens a lot in Ruraltown, and in every big town. Hen night ladies are notorious for it. Imagine her shame when we simply stared at her, unmoved and silent.

“What the hell is wrong with you lads? You havent seen better than this have you?

What was I supposed to say?

“I’m sorry madam but your outdated and sexist humour is not appreciated here; we are modern policemen you know, now move on and show your flesh no more”

Shamelessly using the anonymity of this Blog, I feel that I can finally answer the lady in question. And my answer is this, No, we have not seen better than that. I thank you.

Unto the poor beleaguered British constabulary, I offer the following consolation


Anonymous said...

Are the British people doing anything to impede the establishment of the Democatic Republic of Orwell?

I heard a story that the cops in England are going around at night banging on windows to tell people to make sure that their doors a locked. How did this insanity happen.


Anonymous said...

You do know that breasts are the definitive proof of the existence of God, don't you?